The Local Government Unit of the Municipality of Bayambang, Pangasinan utilizes the results-oriented development planning and management frameworks.

Results-Based Development Management Framework


The Results-based Development Management Framework towards Service Delivery mainstreams results and outcomes in every facet of every program, project, or activity, including their attendant administrative, logistical, and information management processes. The framework laser-focuses the municipal government's varied efforts into select activities that drive optimum impact in the lives of each constituent of Bayambang.

The Results Framework initiates the transformation of mindsets among all LGU personnel in their functions, from routine work to a calculated, meaningful and purpose-driven effort towards eliminating poverty of all forms in the Municipality of Bayambang.

Program Expenditure Classification (PREXC) Framework

PREXC is, technically, a budgeting framework. It is the next step of the National Government's efforts towards budget transparency and performance accountability in the spirit of the Organizational Performance Indicator Framework (OPIF).

Previously, the OPIF focuses on Major Final Outputs (MFOs), which focuses on actual outputs produced or completed by government agencies. Under OPIF, each agency is mandated to identify three MFOs which would be linked to each budget appropriation.

PREXC improves public accountability by relating budget to organizational performance in the outcome level, which should be an indicator on how much the agency's clients benefit from governmental initiatives.