We value your privacy

We value your privacy. In this consideration, please read the following which gives you an idea what rights you have with regard to your personal information, what information we collect, how we use and process them.

Privacy Notice for LGU-Bayambang Employees as System Users

My Privacy Rights

I understand that I have the right to access and edit my/our Personally Identifiable Information (PII) stored in the system. I understand, however, that when the stored PII is edited, it may affect management of service/s provided to me as preparations will be based on the data provided in the System.

I understand that I shall be notified when my personal information shall be deleted by someone other than myself.

I understand that I have the right to have my PII deleted from the system. However, I also understand that doing so may affect the efficiency of the system or the ability of the LGU-Bayambang to effectively provide me necessary services relative to the quarantine period requirement for Balik Probinsya constituents.

Why, How and What Information we are Collecting

I understand that the Local Government Unit of the Municipality of Bayambang, Pangasinan (LGU-Bayambang) is implementing the Bayambang Development Management Information System (henceforth, “the System) to manage its various development initiatives for the people of Bayambang, Pangasinan.

I understand that in order to adequately identify me as a user and my activities in the system, I need to provide to LGU-Bayambang the following PII for the specified purpose/s:

I understand that the System collectively refers to the web-based information system, the process, as well as the persons or LGU-Bayambang offices who would have access to the information system based on their role.

I understand that the requested PIIs shall only be used for identification of the person/s of my party that will be returning to Bayambang for queuing in the quarantine facility of my district. In the course thereof, I further understand that the said information may be processed (summarized, presented into graphs or tables, and/or deanonymized) by LGU-Bayambang.

Limits of Processing

I understand that the requested PIIs shall only be shared to persons within the LGU-Bayambangg who have a “need-to-know” of said information. I further understand that the LGU-Bayambang shall not share my information in whatever form to entities without my express written (paper or electronic) approval. Further, I understand that withholding permission to share the requested PII may affect management of delivery of services me/us, which shall also be communicated when the LGU-Bayambang requests the sharing of PII.

I understand that my PIIs shall be stored within the System within the duration of my required access to the system and as allowed by relevant guidelines storage of personnel records. In case there is a need for further storage of my personal information, I shall be informed via email, which is included in my contact information.

Responsibility of User

I understand that for my own personal information protection, I will not share or divulge my personal information, including my password in the system. I also agree to be more prudent in protecting the email account I will register in the system as all manner of account validation shall be communicated to my email address.

Recording of Consent

I accept that upon registering with my PIIs, all of the text of this privacy notice shall be saved in the database to indicate my agreement with this requirement and my satisfaction with the informed consent.

Privacy Notice for System Users version 1.0

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